I'm proud to introduce to the world my latest book Dear Hannah: A Geek's Life in Self-Improvement. For my 14th birthday, Hannah gave me Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, which kicked off a life-long obsession with self-improvement. Over 16 years, I wrote 82 letters to Hannah describing every book, pop psych article, and method that I used—or abused. Dear Hannah is either a cautionary tale about self-improvement, or it is a filter for the 10% of self-help that may actually change your life.

I'm just now beginning the "Friends & Family" leg of my book promotion, with events in Austin and California. Please email me if you want to get in on these. Here's a video from the kick-off September 5th in Austin, TX:

posted by phil on September 22, 2014
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I post articles and announcements in this space. My latest one is Why Real 3D Still Matters which is a popular addendum to my reference site RealOrFake3D.

I write mini-essays on Philosophistry. As of this post, there are 234 essays organized by subject, but I have plenty more to come.

I spend a lot of time working on books. The latest one coming up is Dear Hannah, which is a cautionary tale of self-improvement.

I write reviews and do social media, most of which you can access on Twitter @philipkd. If you want to keep up with all things Philip Dhingra, follow me on Twitter.

I no longer use Movable Type for blogging. I started with MT in 2002, when I started blogging. Now I roll my own PHP script, the same one I use for Philosophistry.

posted by phil on July 13, 2014
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